Accountant SMS Reminders

Reminder Diary's SMS / text message reminder service has a number of different uses for a financial business (accountants, tax advisers, mortgage advisers etc). Not only can it be used to remind clients of their appointments with you, it can also be used to remind clients to send in paperwork/tax returns/pay bills etc using our repeat event feature.

A number of financial businesses already perform these types of reminders. They can however end up being costly once staff, stationary and postage costs have been taken into consideration. Using Reminder Diary's repeat booking facility, an SMS / text message reminder can be automatically sent. What's more, SMS / text message reminder messages start from as little as 9p.

Sending reminder messages via SMS / text message will not only save your business money but will also allow staff time to be concentrated on other things.


"Please be aware you have VAT paperwork to send to ABC Accountants. Any queries, please call 01234 123456"

"Don't forget you have an appointment with ABC Accountants today at 14:00. Any queries, please call 01234 123456"

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