Stop missed appointments by signing up for free to Reminder Diary.

"You set the time, we send the reminder"

Easy to use Calendar

Reminder Diary allows you to book customised text message reminders for your customers using our easy to use calendar which automatically sends reminders when you have specified.

Always get through

There is no better way to remind clients or staff than via SMS. The majority of us always carry our phone with us and will therefore instantly be notified when a reminder comes through.

How it works

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Take a moment to sign up for free to Reminder Diary and purchase SMS credit in pay as you go bundles to suit your requirements. You can use Reminder Diary to create reminders, manage your client contacts and choose which messages to send and when.

Start reminding for just $25

Reminder Diary has no setup fees, no monthly subscriptions and no hidden surprises. Buy SMS credit bundles to suit your needs.

Click here to see the SMS bundles offered by Reminder Diary.

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